Progress is going well with the manual entry of all the bookings into our online system. We have completed all the May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct & Nov bookings and have just April’s left to do. Once we have done this we will work our way through the large volume of new booking requests, this is certainly going to be the year of the staycation!

The team have tried to contact by phone everybody who highlighted a specific issue to us on our Facebook page. In some circumstances those who have raised complaints or concerns do not appear to have a customer record so unfortunately, we have been unable to get in touch with them.

A dedicated team member is going through the inbox and answering all emails, of which we are 80% through. As you can imagine, we receive many new ones each day so please rest assured we are getting through them.

As we plan to have no administrative staff based at the park until the current restrictions are lifted, we remain unable to answer the main phone line. Our IT /telecoms company have been unable to travel to the park to temporarily re-direct the phones through to our home offices. This is of course a huge frustration to us and you which we do appreciate.

There are wardens living on site for security purposes but we have been unable to hold our induction and training for them due to current Covid-19 restrictions so that they can commence working. Please be assured that they are there keeping the site secure. We also have the CCTV cameras synced with our devices so we are able to view the park at all times.

We have called and spoken with a great many customers about their queries and concerns and hope we have managed to reassure you.

Payments are not currently being chased as we are still in the midst of setting up our payment gateway. You are though able to post us cheques to Ross Park Homes Limited if you so wish to.

Please be aware that there have been some unfortunate comments made on our Facebook containing mis-leading information. We would really appreciate the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your booking by email with you directly.

Inevitably there will be changes when a company changes hands, but we are experienced in running touring parks with loyal and happy customers and hope you will also enjoy the way we do it too!

When we re-open, our warden team will be available on site 24-hours a day to help you, so please do not be concerned that Helen and Mark are no longer here to assist with pitching.
Thank you again for your patience and for the many kind words of welcome we’ve received so far, it’s greatly appreciated by the team at this challenging time.

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